Below is a list of our dances and the associated music. A coloured music title, when clicked on, will produce music script in pdf format for viewing and/or printing.() after a music title produces a midi file which can be downloaded and/or played. By special request, music in abc format can be obtained by clicking on (abc)

Dance Music
Anna Marley Soft ShoePack up Your Troubles ()(abc)
It's a Long Way to Tipperary ()(abc)
Bill Gibbon's Social DanceThe Irish Washerwoman  ()(abc) or
The Rakes of Kildare  ()(abc)
HorseshoeOne for Dan ()(abc)

Roxburgh Castle  ()(abc)  or
Redesdale Hornpipe  ()(abc) or
Gersoise ()(abc)
Lancashire Hornpipe

Navvie on the Line  ()(abc)  or
Trumpet Hornpipe (Captain Pugwash)  ()(abc)
Lancashire/IrishAmelia's Angel  ()(abc)  or
Out on the Ocean ()(abc) or
Valentine ()(abc)
October DanceTheme Vannitaise (Twiglet)  ()(abc)
PoppitCurly-Headed Ploughboy ()(abc)
Street Dance Old Mrs. Wilson  ()(abc)

Tip-Top Polka (Bacup Coconut Dance)  ()(abc)  or
Bring me Sunshine  ()

Michael Turner's Waltz  ()(abc)  or
Fanny Power  ()(abc)
Welsh StepWelsh Step  ()(abc)
Whitby WaltzCumberland Waltz ()(abc) or
Elsey's Waltz ()(abc)